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A long way to go from the long way I've been - Trillium [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A long way to go from the long way I've been [Sep. 3rd, 2014|11:23 pm]
There is a sense of danger and mystery that I reminisce about. It has been many years since the facet of me that I've cordoned off and hidden away that was my darker self has seen the light of day. But over the last few months after I've spent time in therapy, the layers are being peeled back and she is surfacing again.

This beautiful, dark, depraved, spirit that for the life of me I cannot see how she fits into the world I've created around me.

She is me, and I am her, yet she is separate, to the point that I refer to this aspect as something completely different than what I am.

I have realized that I am not whole and never will be as long as I do not accept this facet of self, but with my inability to live outside of my all or nothing mind set, it is as if she sits on the side lines and teases and taunts me.

She confuses me but without her, I cannot be.

From: nezumimouse
2014-10-07 04:10 am (UTC)
Whatever is going on, I do hope that you are well.
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