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Frank Frazetta! [Jan. 25th, 2005|06:42 am]
Not sure if you get the Independant Film Channel but I stumbled across this.... I don't know about you but Mr. Frazetta's artwork is some of the more well known and memorable in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Genre. I am taping this while at work!

Frazetta: Painting with Fire
Fascinating profile of artist Frank Frazetta, whose fantasy paintings have graced book covers and influenced movie-set design. Interviewed: Ralph Bakshi, Bo Derek and John Milius. Lance Laspina directed.
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Chocolate = Evil [Jan. 24th, 2005|07:54 pm]
Go to your nearest TGI Fridays...

get the Brownie Obsession...

A super sweet brownie with hot fudge and vanilla ice cream.
Super sweet, disgustingly evil... I couldn't finish and had to leave 1/2 the brownie behind. Broke my heart....

Unwrapped tonight (on the Food Network) is showcasing morning sweets. Watching the article right now on donuts... snicker donuts? I dont want to know!
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I read a friends lj today... [Jan. 23rd, 2005|09:28 am]
[mood |lovedloved]

Enya has such moving music that seems to apply to certain points in our life that when those memories become the focus of our thoughts bring sorrow (for them being in the past) but also joy (for having to have been gifted with such emotion and feeling)....

I think I've finally found the true meaning.... the difference between being in love and loving someone. At one point in my life there was no seperation... I couldn't understand. I do now.....

Only Time - Enya

who can say where the road goes
where the day flows, only time

and who can say if your love grows
as your heart shows, only time

who can say why your heart sighs
as your love flies, only time

and who can say why your heart cries
when your love lies, only time

who can say when the roads meet
that they might beat, in your heart

and who can say when the day sleeps
if the night keeps, all your heart

night keeps, all your heart

who can say if your love grows
as your heart shows, only time

and who can say where the road goes
where the day flows, only time

who knows, only time..
who knows, only time..

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Evil Twix commercial [Jan. 22nd, 2005|07:37 pm]
Sitting here watching TV. That twix commercial was on ...

Which one? The "Hunny, do I look fat in these?" And its a big red butt in satin pants. Guy shoves a twix in his mouth, mumbles something and she squeals in delight "Ooooh, that's so sweet"....

I can't stand that commercial. Makes me hungry for a Peanut Butter Twix.

On another note, you know those blasted Kandy Cakes from Tastycake? Turkey Hill now makes Tastycake icecream. It's eeeeevil!
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Decisions .. Decisions [Jan. 22nd, 2005|07:36 pm]
Well..I've got 45 days to make up my mind! For what you ask?

The company I work for is offering voluntary severance packages to about 1000 people if they should either choose to take the package (or for those over 50) take early retirement. I've looked at the package with great intrested. For me it would mean 38 weeks of pay + full benefits for my husband and I. Also included is access to a career placement place. So....

What do I do?
I just moved to a new area in October (VRU Support), am part of a very intense set of projects that include rebuilding it and preparing it for replacement a few years down the road, and have been recently promoted.

Yet... do I want to change jobs and do something different?
I've always felt that I should be doing something to actually HELP people directly (I had set off in college originally headed towards the medical profession, but I couldn't cut it). I have the opportunity to become part of a Chiropractors office but it wouldn't pay anyway NEAR what I am getting paid now. Or I could go to massage school (has always been an intresting of mine) and become a licences massage therapist!

I am in a quandry....
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You know sometimes.... [Jan. 18th, 2005|09:00 pm]
things are better left in the past. I peruse /. (slashdot.org) often. And when I say often, at least twice a day I tune into geek news.

Well low and behind.... some things just DONT deserve to be revisited.
Take this lovely link for example... if this is true (and I am scared if it is) .. Bill Gates doing a photospread for Tean Beat magazine in '83

Please do note the Apple product in the background. I can't tell which model, but that ain't running no Microsoft OS!
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Hats off! [Jan. 16th, 2005|09:11 pm]
Hats off to the support staff here at LJ. I've been down the road of complete system failure due to power loss as an admin of an ISP and I can say that while my task was overwhelming (very small server base), I cannot even begin to fathom what the LJ Staff had to do!

When I read about the power loss all I could do was say ouch and start sending good techie vibes for a quick and speedy recover, not so I could get on and start using LJ, but so the poor people responsible for this net community could get some sleep!!!! Like I said I've been there...

Anyway, Kudos and thank you to the staff, for without you LJ would not exists...

Lessons I've learned in my position:
1.) No matter how redundant you are, you WILL forget something! Something will break that needs to be fixed that there is no replacement.. an the 24 hr Wal-Mart doesn't carry one of those.

2.) Expect for Murphy to be your patron saint! Just when you think you can drop your hands and head from work, and slowly step away from the fine-oiled machine, something (and you won't know what that something is for hours afterwards) will break down.

3.) Most convenience stores are open 24-7... Coffee is available by the gallon. You're gonna need it
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owie! [Jan. 11th, 2005|08:45 pm]
I think my Chiropractor is out to kill me. Don't get me wrong, he's a great guy! But after a few weeks of doing one type of traction (muscles out of alignment and to short in lower back) he switched the type of traction on me. This one is just ouchie! Its like feeling a constant stretch / burn in the lower back. I feel better because of it, BUT its just ... anyway - Ow!

Okay - On to the geek news of the day...
okay I've spoken...

1) I'm afraid I'd mistake this for a pack of gum!
I just got an iPod 20GB for Christmas with the nice circular JBL speakers. Permanent fixture to my desk at work and then Apple comes along with this little beauty of a gadget! I can't say I WANT one... but isn't it just TO cute!!! The one problem I have with it (as well as everything else I own that is Apple), it's WHITE! That pain in the butt to keep clean white as snow white. My iBook needs a bath! Even my 3 week old iPod needs a bath!!!! ..... Paisley! Now that's a color I could really go for...

2) Computer or CD case?
Not much to say about this. But I saw the picts of the box it comes in. Smaller then the original iPod packaging! I got the box to prove it... It looks like a CD case. An automatic one that will spit out exactly what you request. Well with a CD-RW I guess it could spit out exactly what you request.
This is like the Gilligan's Island of the Apple world. No luxuries... just a box. A pretty box! A pretty box with an Apple on top, even! But a box with a slot none the less. I need at least 1 button on the front to feel secure about my computerhood! It's spiffy though! Look for the picts when I aquire one of these.

Apple also released a few odds and ends in software. The most notable being a replacement for AppleWorks. I've been using AppleWorks for years! I even have an old version on floppy despite not owning a Mac anymore capable of even loading it! Can't wait to see what iWork has up its sleeve with KeyNote 2 attached to it as well.
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TACS is taxing [Jan. 8th, 2005|01:00 am]
I work at a place that truly believes that to be able to do your job well you should have exposure to the Customer, no matter WHAT you do.

Being a techno-geek (Tech Sector) person, I don't have the personality skills it takes to 'Service the Customer'. At least not the way the rest of the organization does. There's numbers to keep up with, so many calls an hour, after call work to be kept at a minimum...yadda yadda...

So, what do they do? Trust me once a month to do the following:
a) Not give away the company by refunding every fee that is ever asked for
b) Try to give the Customer just what it takes to get by
c) Actually DO something....

So here I am doing my 6 hours of 'time' for the month....

I learned somethings tonight that should be life lessons:
1) People are cruel. Woman calls in and has her purse stolen. She is in tears because she doesn't know what to do about her check book, her cash, her license..everything. So I get her started down the right track and then help her some more by giving her phone numbers to the Credit Agencies. She thanks be graciously and tells her that her own Bank didn't tell her any of this or let her know what to do next.

2) I need to open a Tech Support business of my own. I spent 40 minutes explaining to some poor soul how to use Ebay and PayPal. It MADE his day!!! I am supposed to be answering Credit Card questions, not telling someone how to spend their life savings... oh now wait. He was charging to his credit card, maybe I did do good.

3) Little Old Ladies with Husbands who are click happy should not get computer for Christmas from well meaning Children. 20 minutes later she finally gets her payment posted online. Only AFTER they paid their payment with the credit card they were trying to pay off (figure that one out, its gets amusing).

I really need to write a book about this. It's amazing the amount of people you talk to who either love and appreciate your help, or think that you are personally responsible for their finance charges and late fees.

And then there are the ones who no matter how hard you try, there really is no hope...like the lady who thought she got a fresh new credit line every month! ....
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Well its been a year [Jan. 8th, 2005|12:49 am]
Well for those of your who didn't know..it's been a year since my first bout of back problems. Two herniated discs, feeling in my legs, intense pain and the threat of surgery later, I can safetly say that my Chiropractor I think has saved my life.

A year ago I was pretty much stuck in bed. Unable to move or sit up because of the intense pain. It had a setback with it in May and I've been good since then *cross your fingers*.

It's scary. I was facing the threat of surgery to remove disc tissue that had herniated onto the spinal column, more to remove the pain and discomfort then anything. Needless to say the weakness in the legs and pins and needles feelings of the lower extremeties for the first three months of last year was almost to much to handle. I almost ended up throwing ill to the wind and getting the surgery, since physical therapy wasn't helping. You know all the warnings about Bextra and Celebrex? Was on them for my pain. Scares me now, the concept of being on drugs to be able physically function.
I just remember feeling so physically helpless and alone. I couldn't sit up even to use my laptop or to read. Hell, I remember feeling like I couldn't even make it out of bed to go to the bathroom, so I didn't eat. The struggle was tremendous. It happened in January and then it happened again worse in May.

I am still scared. While I see my Chiropractor twice a week I feel like I still don't have control physically of my back. I have to be careful of every move I make. A twist could put me right back in bed...

I've made it this far, but I don't know if I can deal with the physical pain. Lying in bed and just thinking does wierd things to the mind. But when you can't move what else is there to do?

I wonder how my friend has made it. He's in a wheel chair, a quadrapelgic for a few years (i think almost a decade now). He has such a positive attitude, at least around people. I have no idea how he does it. He is definately someone to look up to for his strength and courage to conquer when all movement has been taken away from him. Yet he is one of the most technologically intelligent people that I know.  He is truly a hero.
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